Anti-wear foam pad

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Material: sponge
Suitable for shoes: casual shoes, leather shoes, cloth shoes, sports shoes, warm shoes, work shoes, boots
Insole function: comfortable massage
Insole color: monochrome
Insole category: whole insole
Size: universal can be cut
Suitable for the season: spring, autumn, winter, summer
Color: pink, gray, black, skin color, blue, rose red, navy

Here is finally a product that will allow you to wear all types of shoes that you want by offering you the comfort that you and your feet need!


The shoes can not promise you maximum comfort and especially for long periods. That's why 4D Orthopedic Insoles for Pain will definitely solve this problem!

With these comfortable insoles, you can now wear all types of shoes you want without worrying about pain and discomfort. Our solution is a pain-resistant insole compatible with all types of shoes: athletic, boots, heels, casual shoes. It's unisex and one size fits all.


Caractéristiques du produit:

  • Support plantaire orthopédique rigide - avant-pied, arcade, support du talon
  • Aide à l'équilibre du corps
  • Réduit la fatigue et les douleurs ( pieds/jambes )
  • Taille universelle, peut être couper pour s'adapter
  • Coton Suprême Doux et Rembourré pour absorber les chocs
  • Ultra souple et Respirant
  • Convient à tout types de chaussures: chaussures de sport, chaussures en toile, chaussures en cuir, baskets, talons hauts, escarpins etc.


Product Features:

Rigid orthopedic foot support - forefoot, arch, heel support
Help balance the body
Reduces fatigue and pain (feet / legs)
Universal size, can be cut to fit
Supreme cotton Soft and Padded to absorb shocks
Ultra soft and breathable
Suitable for all types of shoes: sports shoes, canvas shoes, leather shoes, sneakers, high heels, pumps etc.

Advantages :
Rigid orthotic foot support.
Forefoot and heel support.
Helps maintain a good balance of the body.
Reduces tiredness and sore feet especially after long days of work.
One size for all, just cut the soles to fit your foot size.
Elastic and soft sponge to absorb shocks.
Breathable material.