5 Honeymoon Must-Haves from Stellato’s exotic Collection

Comfort over style is a fashion choice that never goes out of style. If you are a new bride packing your bags for your much-anticipated honeymoon, then you should pay attention to your lingerie as much as your dresses, shoes, and accessories. While you make sure that you look perfect on the outside, it is also important to make sure that you are comfy and feel beautiful from the inside.  

Shopping for your honeymoon trousseau can be a daunting task at hand for a bride-to-be. Stellato Shapewear offers a one-stop solution for some of the bride’s honeymoon essentials. Here are a few essentials that should definitely be a part of your honeymoon trousseau. 


The comfort factor –   


Don’t forget to pack your trusted t-shirt bra that goes with most outfits. Along with that, you should pack your back pocket sports bra that has a space to keep your phone while you burn your calories.  


The beach wear – 

BIKINI WOMEN'S SWIMSUIT TOP  https://www.stellatoshapewear.com/products/stitching-color-matching-swimsuit?_pos=7&_sid=537f8ac98&_ss=r

If you are going for your honeymoon somewhere sunny where you can laze around by the beach or a pool, you must pack a few swimwear sets. Select them based on how comfortable you want it to be. You can never go wrong with a classic black bikini top. If you are more comfortable in a one-piece suit, you should definitely go for the stitching color matching suit.  

https://www.stellatoshapewear.com/products/split-swimsuit?_pos=2&_sid=537f8ac98&_ss=r https://www.stellatoshapewear.com/products/cross-candy-color-gather-swimsuit-bikini-split-two-piece-swimsuit?_pos=6&_sid=537f8ac98&_ss=r 

Besides, if you are seeking a two-piece bikini swimsuit, you should definitely choose between the split swimsuit and the cross candy gather swimsuit bikini split two-piece swimsuit. But then again, why don’t you carry both? That way, you would have more options on your honeymoon.  


Date night Bralettes – 


Bralettes are comfortable, and at the same time, they can be worn with the backless dresses that you can flaunt. You should also pack a set of your lace lingerie like the lace bra available at Stellato Shapewear. 


Shapewear – 

 https://www.stellatoshapewear.com/products/one-piece-shapewear?_pos=3&_sid=4a2d84533&_ss=r https://www.stellatoshapewear.com/products/shapewear-wraps-around-the-waist?_pos=7&_sid=4a2d84533&_ss=r

Shapewear is a must-have article of clothing for your honeymoon trousseau. You should stick to the classic one-piece shapewear or opt for the shapewear that wraps around the waist. 


Briefs that work – 

Make sure that you pack briefs according to your outfits. They should be compatible with your attire. So, don’t forget to pack your pair of no-panty-line briefs and your lacy ones. Seamless lace underwear available at Stelatto Shapewear like this one is always a safe bet to pack. 



Now that your lingerie is packed in your luggage along with the rest of your honeymoon trousseau, you can now focus on the other parts of the wedding that need your attention! 

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